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Teeth whitening Stoke on Trent | Tooth whitening StaffordshireNow you can have that Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of with our choice of whitening treatments here at CCDC.

As our hair and skin colour varies, so does the shade of our teeth. In addition smoking, coffee, red wine or staining foods can also reduce the brightness of your teeth. We can provide you with safe, inexpensive solutions to transform your smile. Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed either instantly or over a matter of weeks.

Choose from a simple process of wearing custom made trays created from impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Clear trays are then formed which fit over your upper and lower teeth. The whitening solution is then placed into the trays and then worn as directed whilst the brightening gel gently whitens your teeth. Within a very short time you will see a significant improvement in the colour of your teeth.

Tooth whitening Stoke on Trent

Choose our ZOOM! whitening system.

For an instant result, choose our ZOOM! whitening system. Spend little over 1 hour here at CCDC for that immediate wow factor!

ZOOM! is a power whitening treatment which will make your teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour. The procedure is simple and with the correct care and maintenance your smile will sparkle for years!

Tooth bleaching will only work on natural enamel and may not be effective in all cases .


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